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 Robotics Soldering

SKU:  Robotics Soldering BRAND: THE ASCOMP INC

Description of Robotics Soldering :

  • X,Y and Z axis positioning at any point in three-dimensional space, R axis can solder at any angle that can avoid other components be hit.
  • Weller heater imported with strong power make sure that can provides constant temperature to solder ,improve efficiency and meet high quality.
  • Inputting /setting parameter is more rapid,safe and handy, Robot insteading of manpower is more efficient, self-air pressure cleaning solder tip.
  • Solder rate of flow of single welding spot controlled by program setting to speed &time of solder conveyed, and every rate welding spot rate of flow of solder can by adjusted, make quality soldering reliable.

Technical Description of Robotics_Soldering :

  • Machine dimensions: L815×W600×H880(mm)
  • Working distance: X axis 400mm, Y axis 400mm, Z axis 100mm, R axis 360?
  • Shaft moving speed 0~500mm/s
  • Movement speed : XYZ axis 0.01mm, R axis 0.02 _
  • Temperature control 80~500?
  • Temperature accuracy ±2? ( no air flow, no load)
  • Solder conveyed  speed : 0~50mm/s
  • Diameter of solder: wire available 0.5/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2mm
  • working table load ≤10kg
  • Program storage 999 groups
  • Control system PLC+PID
  • Solder tip 1 pcs
  • Temperature controller
  • Single-output
  • Solder conveyed route 1 route
  • Environment Temperature 0~40 ?
  • Relative humidity 20%~90%
  • Air pressure 0.4Mpa
  • Power supply 220/110V 50/60Hz
  • Net weight Approx. 70 kg