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ESD Poly Bags
Anti-Static Poly Bags

Anti-Static Poly Bags
ESD Poly Bags

Low density polyethylene homogeneously impregnated with antistatic agents protects the printed wire boards and components from the tribe electric charges inside if any. Which would be less than 100v dc provided the ESD susceptibility of the component to be packed is greater than / equal to 100V.

100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 & 450 MM with any custom length.

Static Shielding Bag

Low density Polyethylene homogeneously impregnated with antistatic agents laminated with low density aluminium metalised polyester film is a three layer film and provides Faraday cage shielding to protect the printed wire boards and components from the tribo electric charges inside as well from outside.
Metal in type static shielding bags are designed to protect static sensitive devices against static charge induced. Buried metal layer bags offer superior durability at a low cost. The aluminium-shielding layer is buried between to layer. (Antistatic dissipative P.E. and dissipative polyester sheet) This metal layer prevents the penetration of damaging the sensitive devices from electrostatic field. The dissipative polyester layer provides strength and prevents stretching which can reduce the effectiveness of shielding bags. The aluminium-shielding layer is a highly conductive metalised layer, which provides a watertight Faraday shield. The inner dissipative P.E. layer prevents static Electricity generation inside the bag.

Anti-Static Pink Poly Bags/Tubes

Surface Resistivity
1010 to 1012 ohms (Ref: ANSI/ESD 541-2008)
LDPE impregnated with A/S agent
Micron 80 ± 10%
Enough to see through the PWB inside
Static generation
<=100 V dc.

Static Shielding Bag

Outer Layer
Dissipative Polyester Layer
Middle Layer
Metalised Layer
Inner Layer
Antistatic P.E. Layer
Surface Resistivity
( Ref: ANSI/ESD 541-2008 )
Top Layer
≤1010 max. OHMS/SQ.
Middle (Metalic) Layer
:≤103 max. OHMS/SQ.
Inner Layer
1010 max. OHMS/SQ.
40% to 50%
Total Thickness
MICRONS 80 ± 10%
Static Generation
≤ 100 V
Static Decay
≤2 Seconds

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