Solder Paste Height Checker
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Solder Paste Inspection System (HS-2000)
3D Solder Paste Inspetion System

Solder Paste Inspection System (HS-2000)

S.P.C Soft Ware
For designated PCB, production lines, date, it can search, modify,delete,export (txt or excel file),preview, print, calculate average/maximum/minimum mean/error/variance/standard deviation/skew-ness /kurtosis/Ca/Cp/Cpk/Pp/Ppk, and draw/preview/print X-bar and R Chart.

Measurement Theory
Project the precise laser into the object surface in 1 particular angle, because of the height difference between object surface and its base, the laser line will generate distance on object surface and its base. Capture the image with the optical system with microscope and Digital CCD camera, and then analyze with computer software and then it can calculate the real height of the object.

  • Solder Paste Height Measurement.
  • Area/Volume Measurement.
  • PCB Printing, Solder Paste, Solder mask, Circuit height, paint height size and height measurement.
  • Geometry,X,Y size , Angle, Surface etc Measurement.
  • Video Capture S.P.C. Analysis.

3D Solder Paste Inspetion System

  • 3D Scan Measurement.
  • 3D Simulation & Recombination.
  • PCB Programmable Multi-Area Scan.
  • Automatic & High Accuracy & Repeatability.
  • Large XY Scan Area.
  • Auto Warpage Compensation.
  • Z Servo FOV.
  • Full SPC Functions.
  • Products /Product lines management.
  • Auto Analyses/Retract Solder paste image.
  • Humanized Operation.

  • Solder Paste Height & Profile Measurement.
  • IC bonding, Planess, BGA/CSP & Profile Measurement.
  • Stencil & Holes Profile Measurement.
  • PCB Pad, Track, Height & Profile Measurement of Printing.
  • IC, PCB Warpage Measurement.
  • Other 3D Measurement, Checking, Analysis.

Solder Paste Inspection System (HS-2000)

Measurement Theory
Non-Contact, Laser
Base Dimension
324mm x 320mm
Measurement Base
Magnetic Lock, Fine Tune Handle
Base Gliding Size
320mm x 320mm
Base Gliding Movement
230mm x 200mm
Optical System
Digital CCD Camera
Optical Magnification
Surface Lighting
LED Ring IIIumination (PC Brightness Control)
Measurement Light
Laser Lines as thin as 5.0 µm for precision
Power Supply
220V~50 Hz
System Dimension
System Weight
Measurement Software
HS2000/HSPC2000(Run in Windows 2000/XP)
Data Management
Up to 24 lines of production Measurement Management
3D Solder Paste Inspetion System

Working Table
Max Measured PCB: 390X300mm
X Y Scan Distance:390X300mm
Other size XY table can be tailor made
Measuring Mode
Single Point Height Measuring
Area Average Height
Auto 3D FOV Height Measuring
Programmable, Geometry Measuring
Measuring Laser
Precise Red Laser Line, Brightness Adjustable
3D Mode
3D Simulation
Lighting Source
Bright White Brightness Adjustable
XY Scan Space
10 µ m-50 µ m, Adjustable
Scan Speed
60 FPS
Scan Area
Adjustable, Max 390X300mm
XY Moving Speed
Adjustable, Max 35mm/S
SPC Mode
X-Bar & R Chart
Histogram, Ca/Cp/Cpk/Pp /Ppk
Data Analysis, full SPC Function
Data Export,Preview,Print,etc.
Products/Products Lines Data Anylysis and Management
Height Resolution
Max 1 µ m
2 µ m
Lens Magnification
20X-110X, 5 sects
Measuring Pixels
130 M Pixels/FPS
Z Warpage Compensation
Other Function
Width Adjustable PCB Holder
Magnetic PCB Stick to prevent Warpage
Calibration, Password Protection
Measuring Position Memory
Power Supply
110V,60Hz/220V,50Hz AC
System Dimension
Programmable, Auto Repeat measuring
1 Key to Set Position
Auto Measuring
49 KG
Signals and Buttons
Red/Yellow/Green Signal Lights
Emergency Stop

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